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LGBT Family Law North Carolina

North Carolina is making changes in the laws that affect LGBT families. LGBT Family Law attorneys stay abreast of the current legislation as it unfolds.

We work with same-sex couples on family law matters such as divorce, pre and post nuptial agreements, parentage and child custody.

As with many family law issues, the child custody laws in North Carolina for same-sex parents currently differ somewhat from those for heterosexual parents, particularly when only one parent is legally recognized as the parent of the child(ren).

LGBT Family Law Center attorneys have in-depth knowledge of North Carolina LGBT and will protect your rights.

About Us

You need a lawyer who will be attentive to your needs and give you a professional opinion that can help you resolve LGBT matters. You also need a lawyer who is aggressive when necessary. We want to give clients a compassionate and empathetic ear combined with a tenacious and convincing presence in the court room. The LGBT Family Law Center is a Winston-Salem based law firm that provides solutions to Family Law issues concerning LGBT families and domestic partners. We take pride in defending the rights of the LGBT community and creating strong legal precedent that will ensure the rights of all LGBT Americans. The LGBT Family Law Center always believes and maintains “One Guiding” principle. We are uncompromising in our efforts and continually provide representation with integrity.